Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

Uniting Essex with kindness

September/October 2019
Suzanne Howe

The initiative – called United in Kind – was developed to reconnect neighbours and communities with kindness.

Suzanne Howe, United in Kind Coach for the Tendring district, is responsible for linking in with communities and supporting local groups as part of the campaign.

She said: “We want to encourage people in communities to carry out small acts of kindness which, it’s hoped, will create a bigger social movement and positive impact.

“When you carry out acts of kindness for someone it makes you feel good and will hopefully spur people on to doing more kind activities.

“Through the campaign, we are particularly asking communities to support older people, individuals living with mental health, carers and those with learning difficulties.”

Organisers are encouraging all residents and businesses to join the campaign to ensure no one ever feels alone.

Suzanne added: “We know that the county has a strong network of community groups which are supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

“As part of our movement, we want to connect with these initiatives to reduce loneliness and social isolation and to create even stronger and more inclusive communities.”

For more information visit the United in Kind website –