Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

System develops its five year plan

September/October 2019

The 200 page blueprint sets out how system partners will continue to work together in order to improve outcomes for people across Suffolk and North East Essex over the next five years.

The Five Year System Strategic Plan includes the ICS’s response to the national NHS Long Term Plan – a national strategy that sets out key ambitions for the NHS over the next 10 years. The document sets out not only WHAT the system plans to deliver as an ICS but also shows how this connects to WHY constituent organisations need to work together.  It also describes how they will work.

Programme Director Susannah Howard told the ICS Board this month: “This draft plan tries to build in a sense of feeling about how ambitious we want to be and to think how we could be different in the future for the benefit of the communities and people we serve.”

Zephan Trent, NHS England’s Director of Strategic Transformation/Locality Director in the East of England, told the ICS Board: “The spirit of partnership working comes across very strongly in the approach to developing this plan.  I think its focus on outcomes is a real asset to its content.”

Colleagues at NHS England are reviewing the document which is expected to be published at the end of November/early December.