Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

Development of new diabetes outcomes 'a eureka moment'

June 2019
NEEDS winning the best adult diabetes education programme award presented by Alison Barnes, Research Associate (dietitian) / Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at Newcastle University/Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Chief Executive of Healthwatch Suffolk, Andy Yacoub, has described the way in which leaders have reviewed diabetes services – even though they were already rated ‘excellent’ across all of the corresponding Clinical Commissioning Group areas – as a ‘eureka’ moment.

Health and care leaders across Suffolk and North East Essex have been discussing how as an Integrated Care System they will increasingly use an outcomes perspective to determine the effectiveness of service provision.

Mr Yacoub said: “It would have been easy to bask under the warm glow of praise.  But instead, those with decision making powers decided to question the validity of only relying on fixed measurable indicators even when these shone a positive light. This is because actual lived experience outcomes did not necessarily reflect such assertions.”

“There was no pressure at national level from ministers for this review – it is entirely down to the Suffolk and North East system to do this, which I believe is very much the right thing to do for our population.”

The identified outcomes for people living in Suffolk and North East Essex are:

  • Prevent people getting diabetes;
  • Those who do have diabetes get the best care.

Dr Shane Gordon, who leads the Diabetes for the STP, said: “Diabetes is an acutely horrible disease.  We will use these outcome measures to prioritise the programmes of work our system will do to ensure communities continue to receive the best possible care.”