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£10m to help get Colchester and Tendring more active

June 2019

Plans are being developed to increase activity levels in Colchester and Tendring after the allocation of a grant of over £10m from Sport England.

According to Essex County Council, one in four (27%) Essex residents are inactive and carry out less than 30 minutes of physical exercise each week, while people on low incomes are twice as likely to lead sedentary lifestyles (source, Active Lives Survey 2016/17). Getting families, the elderly and people with poor mental health more active is the priority.

The successful bid was made by the Essex Local Delivery Pilot (Essex LDP), which is led by the Essex Health and Wellbeing Board, Active Essex, and more than 20 partners including public, community and voluntary sector organisations.

Essex is one of 12 pilot areas selected by Sport England, with around £100 million of National Lottery funding being invested in the pilots over the next 3 years to build healthier, more active communities.

Councillor John Spence CBE is Chair of the Essex Health and Wellbeing Board and Chair of the Essex Local Delivery Pilot.  He said: “The National Lottery award of almost £10.68 million from Sport England is a game changer in helping us create the sustainable change which will benefit individuals, local communities and across wider Essex.”

“This is about public, community and voluntary organisations coming together to tackle the inequalities in our most deprived local communities where we most need to promote the opportunities and benefits of an active lifestyle.”

Colchester and Tendring as well as Basildon have been chosen as the initial focus for the Essex pilot as each of these has areas where there are high levels of inactivity and associated health inequalities.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England, said: “This investment will help Essex lead the way in breaking down barriers to activity making it easier for people to enjoy all of the physical, mental and social benefits of being active. Bringing individuals, community organisations and councils together to tackle these barriers is at the heart of this pilot. We are excited about the emerging plans and look forward to working closely with Essex to test new approaches and implement what works across the whole county.”