Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

September 2018

The NHS DPP was announced in the NHS Five Year Forward View, published in October 2014, which set out the ambition to become the first country to implement at scale a national evidence-based diabetes prevention programme modelled on proven UK and international models, and linked where appropriate to the NHS Health Check. The NHS DPP is a joint initiative led by NHS England, Public Health England (PHE) and Diabetes UK, together the National Programme Team. The programme aims to deliver services which identify people with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia who are at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and offer them a behavioural intervention that is designed to lower their risk of onset of Type 2 diabetes.

High risk individuals will be offered a behavioural intervention to enable them to reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes through weight loss, improved diet and increased levels of physical activity. Over a minimum of nine months patients will be offered at least 13 education and exercise sessions of one to two hours; at least 16 hours face to face or one-to-one in total. Public Health Essex has produced this video for patients which explains what the NHS DPP is and may be useful to understand the programme better from a patients perspective

The long-term aims of the NHS DPP are:

  • to reduce the future growth in incidence of Type 2 diabetes;
  • to reduce the incidence of complications associated with Type 2 diabetes – heart, stroke, kidney, eye and foot problems related to diabetes; and
  • over the longer term, to reduce health inequalities associated with incidence of Type 2 diabetes.

North East Essex CCG has previously been providing the programme as they were in the first wave of CCGs to have the offer but this is a new initiative for the Suffolk CCGs. Over the last few months we have been in the mobilisation phase of setting up the programme in Suffolk with North East Essex continuing to run it. ICS Health & Well Being has started to accept referrals from primary care and will start running the programmes for patients once referrals are sufficient.