Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

Key Programme Updates

September 2018
Mental Health
Key priorities Update
  • Deliver early identification and early intervention via locality based integrated approaches;
  • Establish a joined up, family focussed response to children and young people;
  • Deliver care and treatment in the least restrictive environments with emphasis on community approaches and recovery.
  • Within the system, we are exploring ways of providing emotional wellbeing and mental health support for children and young people. One of the models being looked at is at Thurston Community College which employs a full time clinical psychologist to offer support.
  • A clinical speciality lead at Bradford Districts CCG, is working with GPs across Suffolk and North East Essex to highlight the importance of early diagnosis of dementia. The system is currently reviewing suicide prevention. It is developing a plan with partners to ensure there are robust links across all agencies.
  • The system is considering how it could bid for money in the autumn to introduce the service in Suffolk. IPS currently exists in North East Essex. The initiative aims to help people living with a mental health condition find, gain and retain employment.
Key priorities Update
  • Integration between primary care, community services and social care;
  • Primary care at scale/super practices/a single partnership and allied collaborations;
  • Improved use of technology in general practice and within the neighbourhood/locality hubs;
  • Innovative estates solutions to ensure the primary care estate and infrastructure is fit for purpose.
  • The ICS is working on developing a primary care strategy - this will be developed by primary care leaders within footprint and clinicians within services.
  • From this, an agreed set of principles will be to ensure closer working of services to ensure patients receive more responsive and accessible care.
Workforce transformation
Key priorities Update
  • Further improve health and wellbeing for staff;
  • Developing social care staff skills and competencies;
  • Support for new roles;
  • Enabling a cohesive system wide health and social care community.
  • The ICS is establishing new groups to look at recruitment and retention of staff, promoting careers in health and care and conducting career's conferences allowing young people to see the different roles that are available.
  • Within the ICS, all organisations are required to have a team of health ambassadors in place. These individuals will help promote careers in health and social care and build links with the local education system.
  • A key part of developing services will be to ensure there is a more cohesive and responsive workforce in place. We are looking at ways to ensure relevant training and development is in place to support staff to meet the needs of patients in the future.
  • An online portal will also be developed to highlight opportunities and to promote careers within Suffolk and North East Essex.
Key priorities Update
  • Improve the utilisation of the existing estate;
  • Rationalise estate by using space more efficiently;
  • Reshape the estate to support any future proposals to redevelop services.
  • All NHS Estate mapped, cognisant of size, back-log maintenance costs, estate running costs, vacant space, clinical and non-clinical occupancy and disposal of property planned for the next 5 years;
  • Targets set as an STP for the following:
    1. 6% reduction in the size of the NHS estate
    2. 5% reduction in the use of space for administration purposes
    3. £27m reduction in backlog maintenance costs
    4. £20m potential income from planned disposals
  • Full STP estates workbook (high level plan) complete and submitted to NHS England 13 July 2018;
  • £96m awarded for priority capital schemes:
    1. Ipswich Hospital/Colchester Hospital merger £69.3m
    2. East of England Ambulance Trust 'make ready service' £6.5m
    3. Clacton Hospital reconfiguration £14.6m
    4. Primary Care Transformation NEE £3.3m
    5. Kennedy Way Surgery reconfiguration £1.5m
    6. Oakfield Surgery relocation to Newmarket Hospital £1.3m
  • Governance and business process in place to manage capital schemes in line with CCG, One Public Estate and STP responsibilities.
Key national priorities Update
  • Spearhead a radical upgrade in prevention and public health of cancer;
  • Drive a national ambition to achieve earlier stage diagnosis;
  • Establish patient experience as being on a par with clinical effectiveness and safety;
  • Transform our approach to support people living with and beyond cancer;
  • Make the necessary investments required to deliver a modern high quality service;
  • Overhaul process for commissioning accountability and provision of service.
As outlined in the above section, a system-wide Cancer strategy has been developed. A detailed implementation plan is now to follow. This is aimed at improving cancer services so standards of care are more consistent and equitable across the footprint. We want to ensure that patients have access to and receive consistent high quality care across Suffolk and North East Essex.
Key priorities Update
  • Investigate variation in delivery of maternity and early years services;
  • Devise a system of collaborative working in line with best practice.
  • The heads of midwifery are progressing "Saving Babies Lives" - a care bundle for reducing stillbirth;
  • We are recruiting a Clinical Lead Midwife to support the delivery of the vision for maternity services as set out in Better Births across the three clinical settings.