Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

1. Question: ICS/STP

Answer: Suffolk and North East Essex Shadow ICS

2. Question: Names and job titles of the STPs/ICSs’ latest leadership team, including any independent chair, leader, finance lead, clinical lead, SRO, programme director, and any other senior STP/ICS team members.

Answer: Please see below table:

• No independent chair
• STP Lead
• Programme director
• Chair of the STP Chairs group
• Finance lead
• Head of Communications and Public Engagement
• 11 SROs who are senior leaders from provider organisations/CCGs within the system who have additional responsibilities for STP wide workstreams

3. Question: The total number of whole time equivalent staff working with the STP on a long-term basis / attached to the STP/ICS

The majority of staff working within the STP are seconded into positions from their substantive roles within other parts of the local health and care system. They are all on fixed term contracts – majority of which are one year or less. In total, there are 11 WTEs.

4. Question: Website link?


5. Question: A link to (or attach) the latest published version of the STP/ICS’s strategy/plan


6. Question: Details of the governance structure of the STP/ICS

Answer: This is being finalised through work being supported by the Kings Fund.

7. Question: Whether the STP/ICS plans to split into separate areas, or join with another STP/ICS?

Answer: No plans at present.

8. Question: Part of Aspiring ICS programme?

Answer: We are a shadow ICS and are working to become a full ICS in 2019.

9. Question: Have a planned date to become an ICS?

Answer: We are working to become an ICS by summer 2019.

10. Question: If an ICS, is the ICS a “shadow ICS”, “full ICS” or “mature ICS”?

Answer: Shadow ICS