Suffolk & North East Essex Shadow Integrated Care System

During May 2018, Suffolk and North East Essex STP became a shadow Integrated Care System.  An Integrated Care System joins up all parts of the health and care system including GPs, hospitals, community care and social care as well as physical and mental health services. People would find it easier to access services, see more joined up care delivery and staff should find it easier to work with colleagues from other organisations.

Read our press release which was issued when the announcement was made.

If our system is successful, we will be able to take more control of funding and have a much greater say on where money should be spent – with less involvement by national bodies or regulators. The drive for integrated care recognises that the health service no longer principally deals with people in need of one-off treatments as it did in 1948.

By working collaboratively with a range of organisations, Integrated Care Systems (ICS) aim to help people stay healthy, tackling the causes of illness and wider factors that affect health such as education and housing.

Today, people are living longer and one in three patients admitted to hospital as an emergency has five or more health conditions, up from one in ten a decade ago. One in four of us will experience a mental health condition during our lives, often alongside other physical health problems.

Working in partnership across a wide range of services, people will be helped to stay healthy, receive more support and treatment at home rather than having to go into hospital if it’s not necessary, and see their GP more quickly. If people do need to be admitted to hospital, they will be supported to get home quickly with the support they need.

Watch our video which explains how we plan to operate as an Integrated Care System.

Further information

More information about the national move to Integrated Care Systems is publicly available on the NHS England website.